Davidoff - Oettinger: Redefining quality

When it comes to luxury cigars and exquisite tobacco products, the name Oettinger Davidoff is at the top of the list of premium brands. As the centrepiece of the impressive brand portfolio, the Davidoff brand exudes incomparable elegance and quality. But Oettinger Davidoff is more than just Davidoff. With a diverse selection of brands such as The Griffin's, AVO, Camacho, Zino as well as the cheaper alternatives Cusano and Private Stock, the company offers something for every taste and every wallet. 

Quality that convinces
What unites all these brands is the uncompromising demand for quality and high value that characterises them. Produced in the Dominican Republic and in Honduras for Camacho, the cigars are the result of careful selection, strict quality controls and the best craftsmanship. 

The Crop-to-Shop Approach 
A special feature of the Oettinger Davidoff AG is the "Crop-to-Shop Approach". This holistic approach means that every step in the production process - from the development of the seeds, their drying and fermentation, to the rolling of the cigars and final delivery to the authorised dealers - is entirely under the control of the family business. In this way, Oettinger Davidoff guarantees not only the quality, but also the authenticity and uniqueness of each individual product. 

A world of brands 
Whether you are a connoisseur of fine Davidoff cigars or appreciate the robust flavours of Camacho, there is a cigar in the world of Oettinger Davidoff that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Immerse yourself in the stories that each brand has to tell and experience the luxury that only Oettinger Davidoff can offer.